Since 1970, Methadone has been used as a form of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) that provides successful relief to opiate addicts who felt there was no hope. River Region has provided Methadone Treatment for more than 40 years in a safe, medical treatment environment.  River Region is governed by outside agencies to ensure safe and effective delivery of methadone treatment, unlike many for-profit “pill mills” and other prescribing physicians.

Methadone is extremely beneficial in the successful treatment of opiate dependence; however, there are many myths associated with its use.  Following are Myths & Benefits you should know.

Myths About Methadone

• Methadone is NOT a substitute for heroin or prescription opiates

• Patients on a stable Methadone program are NOT addicted to Methadone

• Once prescribed Methadone, you CAN discontinue use

• Methadone is NOT harmful to unborn babies and can be recommended for pregnant women

• Methadone is NOT harmful to the liver

• Methadone does NOT trigger the use of alcohol or other illegal drugs such as cocaine

Benefits of Methadone

• Methadone is safe and legally prescribed by a physician

• Methadone reduces the risk of getting HIV, Hepatitis B or C, and tuberculosis

• Methadone is released slowly providing all day relief

• Patient’s lifestyle, family stability and employment are significantly improved

• Pregnant women receiving Methadone give birth to healthier babies than those who continue to use drugs

• Methadone is affordable and inexpensive

• Methadone increases the rate of successful treatment and reduces the likelihood of relapse